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Welcome to ORNAMENTODEUX(MY OTHER BLOG). I want to share thought provoking ideas, videos and inspirational images that I find on my Internet meanderings, and pictures I take on my personal meanderings. There's not always a place for them on Ornamento my main blog, so I am sharing them with you here.

Mary, Queen of Scots
Mary, Queen of Scots
Scent Bottle Cheapside Hoard
Cheapside Hoard Brooch
Tudor Brooch replica

Amulet, England, ca. 1540-1560.
This pendant of enameled gold, garnet, peridot, and sapphire has a open-backed setting to allow the stones direct contact with the wearer’s skin—for very good reason. The alleged healing properties of these specifically-chosen stones and the inscription in the setting were thought to protect the wearer from epilepsy.
Source: Victoria and Albert Museum

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Tutorial on Etsy
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